The Project

We invite your support for the creation of THE NEWMAN MEETING PLACE – a large, flexible space with appropriate seating, toilet facilities, and catering, to enable the establishment of support, personal development and therapeutic work with disadvantaged members of our community: our youth; our elderly; and those living with Mental Health issues.

As a result of this project, we estimate that every week more than 150 people who have complex and serious life problems will find their lives positively impacted by these new facilities offered at the heart of their community.


What will the project deliver?

– Increased skills, self-confidence and esteem
– A range of volunteering opportunities and training
– Activities to help overcome social isolation
– A community information hub
– Hosting statutory and charitable agencies
– Activities and companionship for elderly residents experiencing debilitating loneliness
– Resources for local young people
– A flexible and accessible centre for Creative arts, music therapies, performances and exhibitions
– A heritage centre, bringing our social history to life







Newman Leaflet: Download

Newman Leaflet